At Anchorage Early Learning our educational curriculum is always developing and changing, taking into consideration the individual developmental needs of children. We understand that children learn in a variety of ways and that children can vary in their capabilities and pace of learning. All our educational programs within the centre refer to the guidelines set by ACECQA. We use the National Quality Framework that ensures children receive a high level of care through regulation and across seven quality areas. As well as this, we use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), where the children learn through interactive play and achieve the five learning outcomes. The concept of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ steer all that we do within the centre and incorporating the five Early Years Learning outcomes in all programming. Anchorage Early Learning recognises that children are the most important part of our program.

Staff use a variety of documentation to observe all children’s learning (individual and group) taking into consideration their skill levels, personality, interests and the needs of families. From the documentations and the input from families, our staff are better able to develop a comprehensive teaching curriculum; aimed at assisting the children to develop their independence, confidence and skills through play, experimentation, and exploration.

As part of our educational program, the centre uses online portfolios to document each child’s learning and development. Portfolios are a collection of observations, evidence of children’s work/achievements and anecdotes of your child’s experiences. Portfolios become a story of your child’s time at Anchorage Early Learning.

Our Framework


Is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Children feel they belong because of the relationship they have with their family, friends and the community.


Is about living in the here and now. Children need the opportunity to just ‘be’ and have time to make meaning of the world by exploring and playing.


With positivity, guidance and encouragement children can become all they want to be. At Anchorage Early Learning we have the tools and passionate educators to encourage them to be all they can be.

Five Learning Outcomes

The educators will set goals and encourage learning and development of young children so as they can master the five outcomes within the EYLF:


Children have a strong sense of identity


Children are connected with and contribute to their world


Children have a strong sense of wellbeing


Children are confident and involved learners


Children are effective communicators

The Early Years
Learning Framework

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