Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

 To provide a stable, secure education for your children. Anchorage according to the Oxford dictionary means ‘the action of securing something to a base or the state of being secured’.

Our Philosophy

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Gweagal Peoples of the Dharawal Nation, on which we learn, laugh and play.


In relation to Children:

At Anchorage Early Learning we believe in the rights of all children and each child being equally valued, included and supported to dream big, wonder and explore. We believe in the importance of the child’s voice and in a culture of collaboration and dialogue, where children can share their opinions, make choices, and influence decisions that affect them. We believe that children are competent individuals, each of whom we seek to know, respect, and allow their independence and autonomy. We believe that children are strong, capable, and resilient researchers, exploring themselves and their environment to make meaning of the world around them. Children have the ability and passion to seek and take in knowledge, requiring only the freedom to explore and experiment allowing for discovery, reflection, experimentation, and revisitation. Children are risk assessors and risk takers, and this is supported through a safe and secure environment that challenges and stimulates.

 In relation to Families:

We believe that the family is the child’s first teacher, and they take on the role of co-collaborator as they guide in the education of the child. We believe that building strong partnerships with each child and their family is vital to ensure consistency and stability for children and their wellbeing. We recognise that each child is a member of a family and therefore a cultural group, and we respect and celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and practices of all families. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each family and the contribution they bring to the service and value the sharing of knowledge amongst each other. We believe that effective communication, collaboration, and consultation are essential for building trusting and respectful relationships that support children’s learning and wellbeing. We welcome families’ involvement and feedback at Anchorage, and we endeavor to provide them with regular information and opportunities to participate in our service.

In relation to Educators:

We believe our role as educators is pivotal in a child’s life and education, and we embrace alongside this our role as co-constructors in learning with children. We put our relationships with children at the forefront of everything we do, and this provides a space that enhances the children’s sense of security, sense of safety, and sense of self. As educators we view ourselves as nurturers, equals and co-learners with children who advocate for children’s rights and voice in our society, and celebrate the children’s contributions and achievements. We believe inclusion is a right for all and embrace diversity as a strength and view everyone for their unique qualities. All educators strive to maintain respectful and ethical relationships amongst each other, and we reflect on our own biases, beliefs, assumptions, and challenge ourselves to be responsive and ethical educators. We value the importance of play and the role it plays in the growth of the children’s mind, body, and soul.

In relation to Community:

 Our centre identity is built upon not only the children, families, and educators but the local community as well. We believe in teaching and exposing children to the foundational skills of what makes them a good member of the community and in turn, a citizen and custodian of the world. Our adventure of taking children beyond the gate sits with the value of children belonging to their community. We believe that children should be in environments that foster learning and allow them to be who they are which teaches children about society and making connections with our local community and the world around them. We believe that Anchorage is not only a place for children to learn and grow, but also a community of learners, educators, families, and partners who share a common vision and values where learning integrated and interconnected with their learning at home and within the surrounding community and that enhance children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

In relation to Curriculum:

We believe our children are valued by drawing perspective and insight from many different philosophers, and pedagogy. We gain insight into both the characteristics and the interests of each child through collaborating with parents, listening to the child, and observing their actions and interactions. Based on these discoveries we build opportunities for them to safely explore and develop their thoughts and understandings. It is vital that children feel they have ownership over their own space and learning so they feel confident and comfortable, and we facilitate this by planning environments, routines, experiences, and projects around the children. We believe in collaboration with children, families, and colleagues to co construct a curriculum that is relevant, inclusive, and empowering. We recognise that children express themselves in multiple languages and we listen attentively and respectfully to their voices, and document and share their learning journeys with them and their families.

In relation to Environment:

We acknowledge the Gweagal Peoples of the Dharawal Nation on the land on which we learn, laugh and play, and we strive to foster children’s awareness and appreciation of the natural environment and their role in protecting it. We believe that the natural world is a source of wonder, beauty, and learning for children. We value the natural world as a living classroom, where children can explore, discover, and interact with the physical environment and its citizens. We respect the natural world as a complex and interconnected system, where everything has a purpose and place. We believe that by caring for and about the natural world, children are also developing empathy, respect, and responsibility for others and the planet. We acknowledge the natural world as a gift and a responsibility, where we can appreciate, protect, and sustain its resources and diversity. We believe that by celebrating the natural world’s diversity, children are also celebrating their own uniqueness.

In relation to Leadership:

We believe in fostering a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect among our educators, where their contributions and achievements are recognised. We value our educators and their ongoing learning through mentoring, professional development, collaboration, and reflective practice. We believe educators are individual and can share their innovations, interests and strengths within the Anchorage community creating a dynamic and evolving community that reflects our philosophy. Educators regularly engage in critical self-reflection and collaborate as a necessary and worthwhile tool for self-assessment and growth. We value all members of our Anchorage community and seek feedback from all stakeholders to contribute to our learning journey. We believe in a shared leadership vision where a collaborative culture draws on team members’ strengths, interests and expertise and allows for a community of learners that are committed to a culture of learning.