Our Philosophy

Our Vision

 ‘Stable, Secure Education for your Children’

Our Philosophy

At Anchorage Early Learning we enrich children’s learning and development by providing a supportive and stimulating environment where they can build confidence in themselves and their developing abilities. We encourage all children to learn through play by allowing them to be curious, inquisitive and to master new skills through exploring and challenging themselves. We believe that building strong relationships with each child and their family is vital to ensure consistency and stability for children, while using an inclusive pedagogical approach to early education to support each child’s needs.


Anchorage according to the oxford dictionary means ‘the action of securing something to a base or the state of being secured’. We believe all children deserve to feel a strong sense of security and engage in an environment where they have the right to share their interests, ideas and have their voices listened to. We believe all children should experience a feeling of belonging, being and becoming in their early years, while understanding the holistic nature of a child’s development and recognising each child and their family as individuals.


As Educators, we foster children to use their imagination and curiosity while introducing the environment as the third teacher to instil a deeper understanding and respect for the natural environment. We support each child to grow up in harmony with nature, learn to research, investigate and respect the environment so that they can contribute to and enjoy a sustainable world in the future. We value our natural surroundings and believe it is important to embrace our environment by implementing our program outside whenever possible as well as engaging in wet weather play, learning to utilise shade on warmer days, and taking in the peaceful river views on every day in between. Children’s learning is integrated and interconnected with their learning at home and within the surrounding community. We are committed to genuine collaborative relationships between families, the community, and early childhood professionals that enhance children’s wellbeing learning and development.

Each child is unique with different interests, capacities, languages and cultures. Each of these are valued and celebrated throughout our program and daily practices. This helps children to develop pride in who they are and respect others, while also giving them the confidence to voice their views and opinions, to make personal choices and to help shape their own learning.

Educators embed the practices and principles of the EYLF into their practices. This provides support and guidance for educators to ensure children experience quality teaching and learning with specific emphasis on play-based learning.