School Readiness

School Readiness Program

At Anchorage, we understand that starting school is often a big step for families. Our Preschool team of highly qualified and experienced educators, ensure that your child is meeting the correct developmental, social and well-being milestones to thrive at school and in life.

Our Preschool program is built around the importance of play-based learning. We believe that play allows the children to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems – all the important foundations for developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.

At the beginning of each year, our Preschool team hold an information night with the local Principal and teachers at the Service to further explain to families about how we approach school readiness. Alongside this, each family receives learning observations and an end of year progress summary.

An excursion to Grays Point Public School is arranged frequently throughout the year. We thoroughly value the close connection we have with the school. Some of the things our preschool educators will help your child to do are:

  • Express their needs
  • Toileting independently
  • Play cooperatively with other children
  • Have new experiences
  • Adapt to unfamiliar settings
  • Sit still to listen and follow instructions
  • Participate in imaginative play
  • Finish task and tidy afterwards
  • Answer and ask simple questions
  • Use books for enjoyment by looking at pictures
  • Uses pens, pencils, textas,paint brushes to draw, scribble or to write
  • Joins in signing songs
  • Use scissors
  • Exposure to new ideas and concepts

Extra-curricular activities will be an important part of our centre and available to your child throughout the year. Please look at our Specialised Programs section. We are always looking for new and exciting extra programs and value your feedback on this.

Kindergarten is an important step in your child’s life and Anchorage Early Learning will do all that they can to accommodate and prepare your child for this exciting new chapter of their life. Your child will grow socially and emotionally in the preschool room. Their fine motor and gross motor skills will develop through play. They will be able to think, respond and recognise language and extend their communication skills, whilst continually building their self-confidence and creativity.