“I have two children who attending Anchorage Early Learning. I cannot praise them enough for being such a nurturing place for my children.

My son who is in Preschool group loves his “school”. He is proud to name his “school” to anyone who asks and totally willing to leave the home if it is his “school” day. He knows he will have much fun there and he can even visit his little sister in her Nursery room “if she needs my help”. He totally belongs to the place, making great friends, earning confidence and great experiences. He came home telling us about the days which is full of activities i.e spot the deers, playing sports.

My little daughter started her Nursery journey when she was 15 months. At that time, she was an exclusively breastfed baby, understood little English, had never been with any carer other than mom and dad. It was no doubt that the first days was very difficult for her and the educators. However, the Nursery team was very¬†patient, caring, gentle and respectful to my little girl. They updated my everything happened during the day and patiently support my daughter throughout the day. My daughter gradually adjusted to the new environment after a few months. And now she loves Nursery. She knows all the edcucators’ names, her friends’ name. She eats, drinks, dances, sings and talks. She knows how to express her need and her passion. If the weather is good, she will be allowed to adventure to the big yard to collect leaves, run and meet her big brother. Such a lovely centre!

Anchorage is truly a safe and nurturing environment in which children are thriving every day. I always feel at rest when I leave my children with Anchorage Early Learning. “