We have been a family of Anchorage since 2011 when we first enrolled our 6-month-old in care. Being so young, I was experiencing so much hesitancy and anxiety about the type of care she would get at a day care centre when she wasn’t with me (typical first time mum reaction!) The staff and director at the centre were nothing short of amazing, they supported Ruby in her transition (and me through the tears!) and this started a 6-year partnership between my family and our wonderful centre. The staff cared for, and most importantly loved Ruby as an extension of how my husband and I cared for her at home, and as a working parent nothing is more valuable than the reassurance that your child is with such competent and caring people. As Ruby transitioned to big school and baby #2 was arriving, there was not question where he would go when the time came for me to return to work. I love dropping Hunter off and seeing how happy he is to see his favourite carers and little friends, and have not once ever been concerned with how he was going away from me – because I know how cared for he is!

If a family is looking for a centre that is true extension of the love and care their babies have at home – then I couldn’t recommend Anchorage highly enough. Their experience, long standing staff, and caring environment have enabled me to return to work, knowing how happy, safe and loved my children have been in their care.