After visiting a number of centres in the local area, it was the warmth of the Nursery educators that helped us make the decision to send our son to Anchorage Early Learning. I was invited to attend the nursery for a few mornings before my son officially started his enrolment, helping him adjust to the new environment. During this time, I was able to see first hand how much the educators care for and engage with the children. The Kinderloop App has enabled me to communicate with the centre about my son’s interests and our weekend activities. In the Toddler Room, the educators incorporated this into some of their daily activities which extended his interests and strengthened his sense of belonging. Now as a preschooler, my son especially enjoys the weekly Multi-Sports Program and loves to show us the new skills he has learnt from his coach. He has made great friends at Anchorage and I will most definitely be sending my youngest to the Nursery when the time comes.